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Doggy Playground Rules

We would appreciate it if all visitors to the land could adhere to the following
rules and etiquette.


  • Cars are parked and contents left within the car, at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of property or vehicles on our premises. 

  • We reserve the right to close at any time, for which a full refund will be given.

  • Be careful as the ground may be uneven, please wear appropriate footwear.

  • Please use Doggy Playground responsibly and we have two lakes on the land with deep water.

  • Children are your responsibility and need to be supervised at all times.

  • All dog waste must be picked up in poo bags and then taken home with you as we currently have no facility on site to dispose dog waste.

  • All dogs using the facility must be wormed and have all vaccinations up to date or have been titre tested. 

  • No picnics or BBQ's allowed on the land, Doggy Playground is a dog walking and training facility only. 

Arrival & Departure

  • The gate must be closed immediately upon entering and leaving the land. 

  • Please park in the designated area only on the left hand side upon entering the land.

  • Please ensure you have your dog(s) back in your vehicle 5 minutes before the end of your session. 

  • Please do not arrive any earlier than before your session start time. 

  • For the safety, please do not enter the premise before the previous dog and owner has left. Note, that if the gate padlock is facing inwards then the previous dog is still inside. If the padlock is facing outwards you are good to enter.

  • Please do not get dogs out of vehicles until the previous session user has finished and safely loaded their dogs.

  • Dogs must be kept on leads until safely inside the secure boundary and the gate closed.

  • No extension is allowed for any late arrival. 

  • No refunds are given for cancellations or no-show.

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